Moss ethanol packaged/semi packaged or field erected boiler systems are designed to burn wood, biomass or coal fuels that will significantly reduce the energy cost for any ethanol or bio-diesel facility. Our economical boiler/combustion systems are also designed to dispose of VOC emissions from the plants grain dryer(s) again eliminating natural gas cost. In some cases, Moss can retrofit your existing natural gas fired boiler system to burn solid fuels. Moss provides all phases of the boiler project including Engineering of the system, Procurement of all required equipment and components and Construction (EPC) of the project. This includes all required fuel unloading/material transfer and storage, boiler and combustion systems including controls, emission systems, water treatment, energy conservation equipment and if desired cogeneration systems.

Moss has combustion systems with a maximum input of approximately 350 MMBTU. Our combustion system designs are the bubbling fluidized bed and updraft atmospheric gasifier systems.